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Csr At AGPL it is our duty to protect the interest of society at large. We believe in environment protection, capacity building, empowerment of communities, promotion of green and energy efficient technologies, development of lower classes and upliftment of the poor and under privileged sections of the society. We believe that what we do would not be good for AGPL if it is also not good for the environment.

We believe that a business has no significance if it does not benefit the society. AGPL strives to contribute to society by building a proper system in place, its practices, instilling awareness and commitment from all our stakeholders.

Environment Concern –

We make concern for the environment a keystone of our business practice. Anygraphics creates eco-friendly products and encouraged environmental engagement among its employees. AGPL is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 certified for quality and environment safety and through these controls we ensure that quality and reliability are built into every product we manufacture. In order to conserve and protect our environment, Any Graphics focus on the following systems and activities:

  • Rain Water Harvesting System to make use of rainwater for various purposes.
  • RO Water Purification Plant
  • Fire Fighting Plant including hydrant pumps, sprinklers, smoke detectors & fire extinguishers
  • Reduced Consumable Wastage
  • Handing waste material (paper, ink box, ink cloth etc) to authorized vendors for disposal
  • Use of Soy Inks as per customer requirements
  • Use of Recycled Board & Paper as per customer requirements
  • Use of RoHS approved raw material to manufacture
  • LED Lightings for energy saving
  • Supporting energy conservation activities (turning off lights in areas not in use)
  • Participating in “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”
  • DG stack monitoring system
We ensure to manufacture products using eco friendly raw materials as per global norms like RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substrates) that are tested and certified by NABL credited labs like SGS & Interteck.

Health & Safety –

AGPL believes that the main strength of the company is its manpower and hence gives highest priority to their health and safety. The company makes every possible measure to provide safe working environment to its staff & employees. For the health & safety of our employee following systems are being deployed at AGPL:
  • RO Water Purification Plant to supply clean drinking water to our employees
  • Fire Fighting Plant including hydrant pumps, sprinklers, smoke detectors & fire extinguishers
  • Provision of Life Insurance, Social insurance & health cover
  • Enrolled its employees in ESI
  • Provisions for Maternity leaves
  • Protected clothing (headgear, footwear, eyewear, gloves etc) is must at required areas
  • Proper Exhaustion of chemicals and gases to provide proper environment on the shop floor.
  • In case of emergency, AGPL is paneled with private hospitals for treatment of employees to provide best medical facilities.

We know that our people are responsible for our success. The wellbeing of our employees is the fundamental and most important component of AGPL that promotes healthy work life balance.

Staff Development-

In promoting constructive discussion between management and employees our daily meetings with our employees is a channel for sharing company information with employees and also for them to raise their problems through this internal communication channel. We care for our staff and worker’s rights and benefits and growth and ensure in providing staff funding activity. We encourage our colleagues to develop their creativeness and fully utilize their talents. By providing them with an environment in which they can fulfill their aspirations and have a well-balanced work life, we can be sure that they in turn will take care of our customers. We involve our employees in suggestion schemes and implement their good suggestion for betterment.

  • Regular Trainings for continuous up-gradation of manpower in terms of cross-trainings, project based trainings etc.
  • Setting goals for individual employees to advance his career.
  • Performance review meetings

We also organize Monthly Award ceremony to motivate our workers and reward their performances.
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