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Metallic Printing provides glistening feel to the product making it highly attractive with extraordinary aesthetic appeal. The metallic feel may be varied from extremely flashy to quite subtle & refined depending upon customer choice with the mere selection of type of film (holographic / plain), colors, and overprint treatment.

We offer single pass UV printing onto metallized-transferred (Met-pet) paperboard & Film Substrates with inline UV gloss coating, matte coating, Hybrid effect, drip off effect or high raise texture coating.

At AGPL, we focus from the very start by in-house metallized (met-pet) film lamination facility with inline primer coating. Instead of procuring pre-coated boards, our in-house facility offers better scuff/ rub resistant, greater print results due to better bonding of UV inks onto metallic substrates and better adhesion between the met-pet film and base material.

Our latest UV printing & curing technology has the best UV lamps (IST Germany) especially designed for highly opaque inks like white. This technology offers ultimate curing of opaque inks even at higher speeds thus providing unmatchable opacity on metallic substrates. This technology also ensures a product that has a better scuff / rub resistance. Reflection of metallic elements in contrast with highly opaque print results achieved through our technology makes our print samples far more attractive and impressive than normally printed metallic products.

Our quality control instruments, like spectrometers, image control system and Xrite ink-matching systems makes the color reproduction simpler by achieving constant LAB values even on metallic substrates.

Metallic printing can be incorporated into our complete range of products
  • Labels
  • Mono Cartons
  • Litho Laminated Cartons (E/G Fluted)
  • Rigid Boxes/ Gift Packs
  • Dome/ Bubble/ 3D Stickers
  • Booklets/ Books/ Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Publicity Material
  • Panel Overlays
  • Graphics

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