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Any Graphics is one trusted & experienced supplier of printed security products and anti-counterfeit solutions to several leading brands and organizations. AGPL offers customized anti-counterfeit solutions to its customers that revolve around three main principles.

Extremely Secure: Must be as difficult as possible to forge or duplicate

Easily Detectable: Must be extremely easy for the end user to identify or detect genuine product. Mostly it should be visually, or in other cases with a use of a very simple instrument.

Re-labeling or repacking prevention:Must be easily detectable if an anti-counterfeit solution has been tampered.

Here are few of the solutions that Any Graphics offer:
Fresnel Lens Effect:
A Fresnel lens is a microstructure made of facets that reflect light like a thick lens providing a 3D depth to the product. This concept is far superior to holograms not only because an end user can easily identify a genuine product with a naked eye but also because of its aesthetic appeal. This concept is extremely secure as this technology is inaccessible to duplicate market. Very few printing companies own this technology worldwide, AGPL being the only one in India so far.

Registered Holograms:
Customized holograms can be strategically placed at desired locations of a design making it extremely difficult for a duplicate market to imitate. These customized holograms can become part of artwork/design so as to not hamper the aesthetics of the product. This concept is suitable for both labels & mono cartons.

Tamper Evident/ Tamper Proof Labels:
Any Graphics offers a variety of tamper evident labels to choose from, customized Ultra Destructible Vinyl (UDV), checkered labels & void labels are among the most popular ones. Tamper proof labels prevent mishandling of a product and if tampered are easily detectable by an end user.

Specialist Inks:
Counterfeit can also be countered with a use of specialist inks like, color changing at different angles, invisible inks or thermo chromic inks. Any Graphics has been using specialist inks in multiple industry segments depending upon the requirement of its customers and their products.

Any Graphics continuous innovations & consistent research & development enable them to provide ultimate security solutions to its customers to prevent security and integrity of the brand image.

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