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Fresnel Lens Effect
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Any Graphics are the pioneers in Fresnel lens technology, introduced it in early 2010 in India, still being the only company in the country to execute it successfully.

A Fresnel lens is a microstructure made of facets that reflect light like a thick lens. The benefit of Fresnel lens used on the printed sample is that it reflects light at multiple angles providing a 3-Dimensional depth & look to the product.

At AGPL, we offer a variety of lens patterns to choose from, or even customer can create his own customized layout, which can be combined with different holographic patterns to form hybrid designs that offer distinctive package appearance.

Fresnel lens is one of the most advanced printing technologies having two main benefits as:
  • A printed product with spectacular 3-D appearance.
  • Unmatchable Security/ Anti-counterfeit solution.

The 3-Dimensional Appearance

A single or multiple customized Fresnel lenses positioned on the package creates a 3D effect that appears to have movement in isle of a store, which catches the eye of a customer and draws him towards the pack.

Customized Fresnel Lens(s) on the packaging medium captures and reflects light in a way to be much visible over greater distances. These Lenses display extraordinary 'Depth' & 'Movement', with appearance of a ball floating in space. This enables the package to be viewed over longer distance. Thus the regular busy customer cannot miss this product at all.

Security / Anti Counterfeit Solution

The best feature of this product is the ease with which a regular customer, the end user, can distinguish between an original product and a duplicate product. Where it is almost impossible for a customer to recognize the difference between an original hologram and a duplicate one, this is the right solution for your product. Not only it makes the customer aware about the ingenuity of the product but impossible for the duplicate industry to create its duplicate product.

The Fresnel lens technology is a new and guarded technology that works on customized designs of lenses. Hence a design developed for a particular customer would not be shared with any other customer at all. This secures the fact that duplicate market would not have access to the same designs, which can be easily recognized by the customer, hence enabling the customer to have a security proof product.

Fresnel Lens is a unique concept in which the impressive looks and security feature complement each other.

Lens films are mostly used for high-end FMCG cartons, Cosmetic cartons, perfumery cartons, beverage cartons like liquor, high priced accessory cartons and publicity material.

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Fresnel Lens Effect
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