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Infrastructure & Services
Equipped with fully computerized packaging planning work-flow system from Esko to convert complex designs into printing plates & blocks without any data loss and error but with ease.


  • Novacut 106 & SP 102 automatic die cutting & online stripping machines from Bobst
  • Vision Fold & Ambition, automatic folding gluing machines from Bobstcapable of folding & pasting around 50,000 cartons per hour.
  • E & G Flute automatic corrugation machines
  • Automatic flute laminators
  • Roll-to-Roll Met-pet lamination machines
  • Lamination Machines for both thermal and adhesive applications
  • In house Slitter & Sheeting Machine to slit and cut the sheets with high accuracy as per our size
  • Semi Automatic Die Cutting Machines
  • Automatic paper folding machine from MBO Germany
  • 7 Clamp automatic stitching line from Muller martini Germany, for online stitching and trimming to provide ready manuals. The machine is with the reject gate to ensure no incomplete or incorrect manual mixes with the lot.
  • Perfect Binding Machine
  • Resin Coating (Doming) fully robotic controlled computerized machine capable of doming 1 lakh square inches a day.
  • 2 Semi Automatic Rigid Box making machines.

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Plastic Printing
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