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Panel Overlays
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Panel Overlays
Panel Overlays
Panel Overlays/ Fascia provides high-end professional finish to the products, used for brand identification and providing information for a variety of functions. Overlays designs may incorporate clear windows for LED lights/display screen to be visible through them; cut out areas for access to switches & buttons, or a simple and elegant embossed front panel.

These overlays can be profiled to any shape and are manufactured from either polycarbonate or polyester of strong adhesion to ensure it is long lasting with the product it is adhered to. Overlays can be knifed to any size or shape that may be required can be custom die-cut to specifications or made to fit to recessed parts.

The surface finishes may vary from complete or selective texture, gloss, matt, satin to velvet depending upon the preference of the customer.

  • Durable print protection
  • Colorfast/ Non-Yellowing
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Water/Chemical Resistant
  • Polycarbonate, Polyester or PVC substrate options

The applications include membrane keypad panels, meters, gauges, machineries etc. A value added integrative option with panel overlay is that of partial dome sticker. We can dome on selective areas of a panel overlay to highlight your brand or a special feature to stand out in style.

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Grey Orange Panel Overlay
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