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Natural Feel Effect is an amazing overprint value addition feature developed by Any Graphics that makes the design of printed products come alive. It is a dynamic feature that enables natural elements of a design or an artwork look extremely real both visually and by mere touch. This feature can be used in printed products for cosmetic, beauty, food industry or any segment in which the artwork incorporates natural elements likeflowers, fruits, vegetables, cereals, hair etc.

Unlike Spot UV or Textured UV, where the former is used to shine & later is used to give a rough feel at a specific portion of a design, Natural feel effect treats each grain of design uniquely like in case of rose, each petal would be enhanced or roughened depending upon its design providing the real feel of the rose on the printed product.

The level to which each grain is raised is also defined by the design of the rose or any other natural element. Natural feel effect is absolutely design specific and the degree to which grains are raised are easily distinguishable by naked eye or brush of fingers.

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Natural Feel Effect